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updated 3:00 PM BST, Apr 15, 2015
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LogMeIn and ARM offer IoT innovation starter kits

A CGI in light grey and blue on plenty of white showing a hand, a phone and how it connects to all manner of devicesHaving already jammed its foot in the door of M2M communication through the 'white space' championing Weightless movement, ARM has now taken a major step into the consumer-centric Internet of Things (IoT) by partnering with LogMeIn to provide a basic product building kit for IoT innovators and entrepreneurs.

LogMeIn, a US-based provider of cloud services, has launched what it says is the only specialised IoT public cloud – Xively Cloud Services – and is offering it together with ARM's popular mbed platform as the LogMeIn Xively Jumpstart Kit.

While this isn't the kind of kit that the general public will be able to use to upgrade existing products at home into IoT enabled appliances, it does offer a platform for the next wave of innovative IoT products with ARM's chips at their centre, whether it's lone entrepreneurs or major manufacturers.

IoT is about connecting devices, whether they're your trainers or fridge, to the internet, allowing you to generate important data about the device and by extension you – so how well you're running, or if the fridge is malfunctioning. It enables very remote control and a huge range of as of yet unimagined applications. The market is predicted to generate anything between $1.2 trillion and $14.4 trillion in revenue and represent over one trillion connected objects by 2020.

"The Internet of Things signifies the next major wave of the Internet, one that we believe could even eclipse both the web and mobile waves combined, and presents a massive opportunity for businesses that want to create a new generation of compelling connected products," said Michael Simon, CEO of LogMeIn.

"In order to make this happen, they need a simple, affordable way to experiment and innovate through a platform that will enable them to seamlessly move from prototype to commercial product, and then scale as demand grows.

"By working together with leading vendors like ARM, a company that's been a driving force in the enablement of the IoT, we can deliver a powerful, easy way for companies to jumpstart their IoT-based connected products and turn them into reality."