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updated 10:55 PM BST, Apr 23, 2015
Technology and life sciences news from the Cambridge cluster

Raspberry Pi sells first board for £1,900, bidding reaches £3,300 on #01

Raspberry Pi has sold its first computer for £1,900 on an Ebay auction. The price had been as high as £2,100, but the top bidder retracted their bid.

Ten 'pre-release' boards are being sold in total to raise money for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which intends to sell two models of computer at $25 and $35 in an effort to bring computers to as many people around the world as possible and to inspire a new generation of computer scientists.

The Raspberry Pi team is making an appearance at the CES 2012 this week, where it will be joined by the One Laptop per Child Group which is to launch its own $100 Android tablet.

Numbered one to 10, the pre-release boards are being sold two at a time starting with #10 and #09. Four pre-release boards have been sold so far, raising £4,839 in total with another two to go later today. So far bidding for the #01 board has reached £3,300 and if all boards were to sell at the current bid prices, the total raised would be £12,429.01.