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updated 10:55 PM BST, Apr 23, 2015
Technology and life sciences news from the Cambridge cluster

Cambridge Science Centre invites families to build tech

csc-build_it-circuit_penStaring this weekend, members of the public will be given the opportunity to build their own tech creations as the Cambridge Science Centre invites developers from some of Cambridge's top technology companies for its 'Build It!' exhibition and event programme.

The summer long programme aims to provide families and other visitors with experience of hands-on engineering through 10 new exhibits. Many of the workshops and exhibits will help visitors come up with designs they might want to try out at 'Chain Reaction' in November.

"As a engineer myself, I know just how much the feel of building things inspires people", said Dr Chris Lennard, CEO of the Centre. "We're going to offer a very supportive space where families can drop by to learn some engineering principles and try out creative designs of their own.

"In addition to our engineering themed exhibits and workshops, the summer programme is packed with special events hosted by researchers and local companies, a great reminder of the fantastic developments happening right here on our doorstep."

The 'Meet the Innovators' element of Build It! offers visitors the chance to meet creators of some of the world's most innovative machines, gadgets and buildings. Local companies and research groups such as the Cambridge Eco Racer team, ARM, Mathworks and Microsoft Research will exhibit their work and explain the science behind it.

Other parts of the programme include building robots, painting circuitry with a pen and creating and breaking burglary systems.

The Cambridge Science Centre opened in February this year and has since had over 10,000 visitors, which it says is significantly above initial projections.

Full programme details, information on whether you need to book in for various events and workshops, and pre-booking of tickets is available on the Centre website at: www.cambridgesciencecentre.org.