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updated 10:55 PM BST, Apr 23, 2015
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Computer museum seeks more big names following Hauser patronage

Hauser with museum trustees and staffThe Centre for Computing History, otherwise known as the computer museum, expects to welcome more 'big' names either as investors or trustees following Hermann Hauser's decision to become the museum's patron.

Cabume revealed museum director, Jason Fitzpatrick, was meeting with Hauser having landed an unexpected investment from US entrepreneur, Brad Feld.

Fitzpatrick then said that Hauser had been supportive of the project to move the museum from Haverhill to Cambridge from the outset, but had indicated a meeting was conditional on it securing a plot in Cambridge first, which as reported by Cabume, it has. Following the meeting, Hauser agreed to become patron and the museum expects to announce more in the new year.

The museum credits Hauser's Acorn Computers as one of two seminal Cambridge home computing companies (the other Sinclair). Acorn designed and manufactured the BBC Micro, an undertaking that looked to be the company's abiding contribution to the industry.

However, the performance of Arm, whose processors first came from Acorn and now dominate the mobile computing market and sits at the heart of the Raspberry Pi computer, may yet be the enduring legacy.

The museum wouldn't confirm whether Hauser would be or had made any financial investment, adding that though his role would be largely symbolic, it does bring with it Hauser's invaluable book of contacts.

In a statement issued by the museum, Hauser said: "It gives me great pleasure to accept the role of patron. I am fully committed to this initiative to found a computer museum in Cambridge. This area is at the heart of the UK's, if not Europe's, leading technology cluster. As such the city has played - and continues to play - a vital role in the history of computing."

The move to Cambridge will take place in 2012 with the museum hopefully up and running by the Spring on a facility near industrial and retail heavy east of the city.